6 February 2023

Shipbuilding Project Management Software

Join our free webinar and find out about Flowgres, system that will make project management easy!
14 November 2022

Five best tools for revisions management

The article presents five popular software tools that may help you to increase effectiveness of your projects.
24 October 2022

Effective methods of conducting project meetings

4 October 2022

How to track and settle remote working time

Remote work was a topic rarely discussed in the office community not so long ago as most of the employees functioned daily in the company office. The rules have changed with a coronavirus epidemic. Many corporations, companies, universities and schools have been forced to switch to remote work.
9 September 2022

Project time management – Gantt chart

In this article, I will look at this problem, as well as present tools such as Flowgres and techniques thanks to which we are able to properly monitor the deadlines of projects.
30 August 2022

10 tips for efficient project management

In the article you may find 10 tips how to manage your projects efficiently.
15 June 2022

Project management – what exactly is it?

Project management, until a few years ago, was treated as a small thing in full-time duties. Currently, the subject has developed into a separate field with many own methodologies and definitions. In the article below, we will describe the methods of project management, as well as tools that can help us facilitate our daily work.
7 May 2022

Comparison of the top five project management apps

If you're looking for a project management program, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will compare the capabilities of the programs and their requirements.
24 January 2022

Time Tracking