Secure IT system – the key to an efficient company

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The FLOWGRES project management platform was designed not only to easily explore your own databases, but also to keep them safe. With this in mind, solutions have been implemented to ensure the security of data exchange and storage.

The data contained in the application is solely under the control of your organization and no unauthorized access is allowed. It is implemented in the following ways:

  • the application is created with the use of the latest, safe technologies that are regularly updated,
  • data is stored in the server room with the TIER 3 security certificate, which ensures the availability of the service at the level of 99.98%,
  • two-factor login authentication protection. User account would be locked after several failed login attempts,
  • communication between your computer and the FLOWGRES application is encrypted with the TLS protocol,
  • data disks are encrypted. This makes it impossible to read the contents even in case the disks would be physically accessed,
  • daily backups,
  • data is stored in the European Union and is subject to European Union law,
  • it is also possible to purchase the application together with the server and place it in your server room,

Safety is our priority and we monitor its condition every day in order to improve the tools and knowledge of the team responsible for cyber security.