Safe and efficient data access management

System user permissions are an important element that directly affects data security. Unfortunately, their administration can cause problems, consume a lot of time, and making a mistake may result in unwanted data disclosure.

Efficient administration of user privileges turns out to be an important feature when choosing a project management system.

The FLOWGRES platform consists of 2 key aspects of rights management. They are USER ROLES and DATA ACCESS GROUP.

With USER ROLES we decide what the user can do in the system. Each user can have different roles in projects in which he or she participates. This allows to control user privileges depending on the function a user performes.

DATA ACCESS GROUP is a set of parameters for granting users included in the specified group access to projects and tasks. The system automatically grants access to tasks based on the features assigned to the selected group.

Thanks to two way approach to authorization management, the FLOWGRES system saves time, minimizes errors and enables full data access control. With that project implementation process runs smoothly.

We’d like to invite you to a free presentation of the Flowgres system where you would see how easy and fast setting user and group permissions may be.