Project management platform designed for effective work

Working with advanced project management systems is based on access to many functionalities that can be found in various corners of the application. Getting into them is usually associated with making from a few to several clicks and going through the subsequent sections of the application. The more functional the app is, the more moves you need to make. This fact can be underestimated as long as we use a given function every few weeks, but what about the functions that we need every day?

The system “Dashboard” comes in handy for the above situation. It plays similar role to the car’s dashboard. We will find the most necessary function keys along with the necessary clocks that give access to key parameters and functionality of the car. Thanks to this, we have everything at hand and in sight. Other functions, such as calibration and personalization of individual car parameters, are hidden deep within the software, as they are not necessary for the daily operation of the car.

To make working with the Flowgres system even more intuitive it has been recently enriched with a dashboard. This functionality appeared as a result of dynamic platform development and customer needs research.

Dashboard allows:

  • full personalization of access to the necessary functionalities in accordance with the needs of a specific system user,
  • User-dedicated information displayed after login depending on user role in the project,
  • Customizable widgets and their position and size on the dashboard,
  • Favorite projects,
  • Instant access to recently updated items and tasks,
  • Project statistics.

Therefore, both the president and the engineer will receive dedicated information immediately after logging into the system.

From now on, everyday work with the Flowgres system is a pleasure in its purest form.

 If we wanted to include the above information in one sentence, it would read:
“Design and implement a part of the Flowgres system yourself according to your preferences.”