Project management platform dedicated to shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is a unique industry with special requirements. It needs to combine many areas to achieve the goals.

To facilitate this tasks, we created Flowgres, project management platform dedicated to shipbuilding and ship design. It allows you to manage project documentation, designers’ activity and supports ship production management processes. Flowgres is an intuitive tool that ensures transparent communication, integration with external systems and data security.

Among many Flowgres advantages are:

1. Projects review & reporting

Managing multiple projects, can be a challenge. Flowgres allows each user to create their own layout of dashboard widgets to view on instant:

Dashboard in Flowgres
  • Up-to-date project statistics,
  • Evaluation of tasks execution,
  • the latest changes in tasks and communication,
  • currently performed tasks,
  • project burndown process,
  • a ticketing system and much more.

2. Controlling project workflow

The Flowgres platform is one of the few management systems that takes into account tasks revisions, a feature essential in shipbuilding and ship design.

  • Customizable workflow of documents in a project,
  • Tasks revisions – revisioning documents with history of releases and changes,
  • Order in project files,
  • System notifications.
Tasks revisions

3. Budget management

The Flowgres platform supports the budget management process from the planning stage to the end of the project.

  • Multiple budgets per project,
  • Tasks assignment to the budgets,
  • User-defined budget statuses,
  • Customizable budget execution indication system.
Budget management

4. Efficient planning & supervising

Planning with gantt
  • Effortless project planning: Gantt and milestones,
  • Time tracking on tasks,
  • Date and tasks relations,
  • Automated notifications.

5. Information flow mastered

Last but not least, transparent communication in the project means fewer misunderstandings, efficient work and keeping deadlines. To help with this task Flowgres provides:

  • Open (public) communication with all parties involved in a project,
  • Internal communication in a project team,
  • Single-threaded content,
  • One-person responsibility,
  • Tags, filters and priority system for subjects management,
  • Integration with Outlook – no missed messages.

That makes Flowgres ideal for managing design and production processes, e.g. quality control, drawings revisions, on-site shipyard inspections.

Communication in Flowgres

Flowgres project management platform is continuously improved. New functionalities and on-demand functions are permanently developed to meet needs of Flowgres users.