Flowgres – project communication platform

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The year 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, clearly showed how important a role communication via the Internet plays in the modern world. Unfortunately, this privilege also has a dark side. It is the mass of electronic messages and news with which we are inundated. The excess and redundancy of information negatively affects both personal and professional efficiency. Missed emails or information in a project, delays in answering due to lack of a clear responsibility in a group? It can happen in any project.

To meet these challenges in projects, we have created an innovative project communication platform.

The tool in question is Flowgres platform. It is equipped with a structured communication tool, which provides among the others: 

  • communication within the Flowgres platform between project participants,
  • email notifications,
  • one-threaded communication in tasks,
  • intuitive overview of recently received data on a customizable dashboard,
  • instant notification of unread information,
  • one-click responsibility assigning and delegation,
  • internal & external communication,
  • priority settings,
  • extensive system of comments filters.

The Flowgres platform tools will help to harmonize and simplify all correspondence in every project.

We invite you to a free presentation of the Flowgres system, to see how you can improve your communication flow.
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