What are we looking for in project management systems?
Our observations and solutions to the problems may be found below.

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Despite many similarities, almost every project is unique. Depending on the type of project, we try to select the appropriate work methodology available in the software we use. However, this imposes limitations and forces us to compromise.

The Flowgres System is a versatile project management platform that does not pose any of the above limitations. The platform’s capabilities include:

  • Intuitive project management, independent of the adopted methodology,
  • management of full documentation in the project, including documents revisions,
  • planning resources and deadlines, taking into account time conflicts,
  • assigning and delegating tasks’ responsibilities,
  • safe work environment thanks to assigning permissions to user groups,
  • controlling tasks status and their deadlines,
  • efficient communication and exchange of information in the project,
  • managing communication with the client in tasks,
  • quick access to decisions made as part of the project activity,
  • reminders and notifications about deadlines, tasks and latest updates,
  • always up-to-date information on the status of the entire project,
  • automatic updating of the project plan,
  • process flow control,
  • quality control of tasks and processes,
  • identifying and removing bottlenecks/ and discontinuities in the project,
  • avoiding excessive bureaucracy and duplication of information,
  • recording of the actual working time.
  • reporting based on fully customizable user filters.

The Flowgres system is a universal cloud-based or local server solution where each user can work independently in a safe environment, and work results are automatically synchronized.

The platform is fully customizable. It allows you to focus on project management, not on program / system operation. An additional advantage is the possibility of convenient integration with the systems used so far.

The Flowgres platform is constantly developed and improved. Each month it is enriched with new functionalities.

We invite you to read the information on www.flowgres.com, follow us on LinkedIn and of course to use our project management platform.